Cheap Wedding Photography – Do They Exist?

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This is a recent email I received for a disgruntled wedding photographer on cheapskate people who try to cut their budget on hiring a professional and talk down prices before even understanding the value of a good photographer.

It reads:

“Look, most photographers are going to seem like money-grubbers. Any photographer worth even HALF his salt has to charge close to $2,000 a wedding. I understand times are tough, but if someone is spending the money on a venue, on a dress, on a ton of other things, they should trim in other areas to have decent photos.

Look, yes, no matter what, they have the memories… but you can’t pass memories on to your kids… the pictures prompt the memories. A special event like this should call for special images. I’d love to help every bride out and charge under $1,000. Heck, when I started, I didn’t charge a lot… guess what, within 6 months I found out that I couldn’t survive… not if I was going to be insured, have equipment, have editing equipment, etc.

You can save money and buy a dress on sale. You can save money on center pieces. You can save money on food, on open bar, on guests that you invite out of pressure, you can save money on flowers, you can save money in all those areas and still get good quality… but you can’t save money on wedding photographs.

If you go with less than a professional, you’re not getting wedding photography, you’re getting snapshots. Before I shot weddings, I had an interest in photography. If I shot anyone’s wedding, they’d have been happy with 1 or 2 images, but overall they’d be pissed. Don’t take a chance on bad photographs. Listen, everyone at your wedding will give you a check or a gift.

The checks should help pay for the day. Don’t invest all this money in one day and not have anything to show for it but the memories… keep the memories in an album, on your wall… don’t let them fade.

Most of the photographers I know are passionate about what we do and about our brides. I urge this out of my passion to help brides capture their moments, not out of an urge for money.

Questions or Comments?

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